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                        A business man aged about 45 years consulted me for burning pain in the abdomen, appression  in the chest not relieved either by warm or cold water and I am unable to assess any complete symptom from him. The case was diagnosed as   atrophic gastritis and treated by allopathic doctors for three months. A Homoeopathic doctor prescribed NUX VOMICA, PHOS, LYCO, SULPH and CARBOVEG for a period of six months but it did not relieve him. I tried in different angles to obtain clear cut symptoms for prescription but could not get any symptom except the symptoms of atrophic gastritis. Finally on enquiry, his wife revealed that he was insulted by his business partners who happened to be his close relatives; since then he developed all these symptoms. Based on her statement, I prescribed him one dose of STAPHISAGRIA 200 by which he had lot of improvement with in 15days and completely relieved within three months with Staphisagria 1M potency.

A man aged about 56 years suddenly developed continuous eructations. There was hardly ½ a minute gap between two eructations.He consulted an allopathic and a homoeopathic doctor but he was not relieved. Previously he was prescribed CARBOVEG, LYCO, CHINA by the  other homeopathic doctor. I could not assess thermal or any other modality. Then I referred KENT REPERTORY ERUCTATIONS CONTINEOUS. I found only one drug i.e; silicea in 3rd grade. I prescribed Silicea 200 one dose. Within ½ hour the gap in between two eructations extended. He was able to take water and slowly he had a nap and intensity of eructations decreased. After two days the intensity of eructations again increased for which I prescribed him one dose of silicea1M which relieved him of his trouble. 

A 45years male patient was treated by me in the outpatient department of government Homoeopathic Hospital Gudivada. All the then students of the College witnessed the case.
                        The man had convulsions.He and his attendants were not able to narrate the description of convulsions.  No family history, no H/o head or spinal injury. The only symptom I assessed was the convulsions start whenever  water is poured on the   head; the water may be cold or warm. One peculiarity here is he won’t get the trouble either by drenching in rain or by swimming or a dip in river or canal.  No other modalities, no aura, no post convulsive effects.  The nature of convulsions are only jerking of whole body without any froth from the mouth, biting tongue or involuntary urination. I was unable  to  come to a conclusion  for selection  of  the drug  as  the symptoms are  vague and inadequate. I prescribed  IGNATIA  1M  one dose. The reason is in nervous disorders without any specific modality or concomitant. I always prescribe IGNATIA.   He came to the O.P.D. after 15 days   without any  attack though he had head bath twice.

A 35 years male patient C/O  productive cough, dyspnoea with irregular spells
            with no specific modality was narrated. He said that he is suffering with bronchitis.I was unable to obtain necessary symptoms for selection of drug. Finally on enquiry I noted that his trouble started after taking cold beer 6months back. He never felt well since that time. Basing on bad affects of cold beer I prescribed KALI.BICH 200 one dose with placebo for one week. The case turned favourably.
 Further I quote some examples:
·         Persons who have never fully recovered from the exhausting effects of some previous illness - CARBO VEGETABILIS
·         Broken down constitution, in feeble, sensitive patients, especially sensitive women, sensitive to odours of flowers, of cooking, of tobacco, tendency to dropsy following loss of blood - CHINA.
·         Women who have not recovered from the change of life “have never felt well since that time’’- LACHESIS
·         Any symptom   started after fright i.e.  Epilepsy date back to fright, object comes before the eyes before   the attack to a  fright - OPIUM.
·         Health  is   referred to puberic  age, have never  been well since—anaemia,Bronchitis, phthisis -PULSTILLA
·         In   old  cases  of suppressed  malaria  SEPIA  back the chill but  its  most useful   sphere is  after a bad  selection of  the remedy  and  the  case becomes confused – SEPIA
Published in vital informer New Delhi in7th July2011 issue in 24th and2nd page 

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Prof Dr.M.Ramakrishna is nominated as a member of the Board of Studies to Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences Vijayawada.Andharapradesh.

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Dr.M.Ramakrishna M.D.                                                                 
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The life and health of the human beings are constantly threatened by diseases. The medical scientists considered that infection as the main cause for various medical problems and identified numerous micro organisms and invented many methods of treatment and preventive measures and finally declared that infection has been controlled but infection is still playing a large part in production of many diseases. The incidence of tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, etc., are still ravaging globally. According to W.H.O. press release “infectious diseases kill over 17 million people in an year, W.H.O. warns of global crisis: The struggle to control infectious diseases has reached a critical stage.” The microbes are quickly gaining resistance to the anti-biotics.                                                                                                                                                                    The present day medical profession is concentrating its attention on the parts of the human organism and treating the tissues or organs of the body separately basing on etiology, investigations,and diagnosis of the disease.                                           The homoeopathic system considers the suffering of all the organs of the body expressed by the patient in the form of signs and symptoms and treats the patient as a whole. It never ignore to ascertain responsible  etiological factors like mode of living, occupation, habits, social and domestic relations, age, sexual functions, exciting, fundamental and maintaining causes of the disease. Hahnemann’s concept of etiology of the disease is further ultra modern and based on therapeutic etiology. He said that the diseases are dormantly exist in the human body right from the inception of the life in the form of miasm inherited from the parents. Whenever these miasms are activated by the influence of different situations, circumstances or exciting, fundamental and maintaining causes, the vital force explore clinical signs and symptoms in the form of acute or chronic diseases. For eg. The etiological factors of allergic rhinitis or pollen, flowers, weeds or trees, household dust, animal dander, pungent odours, fumes, perfumes, cold air and dry atmosphere. Due to specific reaction to antigen the patient gets sudden attack of sneezing with profuse watery nasal secretion and obstruction. These attacks are accompanied by smarting and watering of the eyes and conjunctival infection. The modern advocated treatment like nasal sprays, anti-histamines, and steroid therapy poorly help the patients with complications. But the homoeopathic concept of aetiology for the so called nasal allergy is quite different; the invasion of the antigen is not the criteria. The reaction and response of the human organism, sufferings of the patients as a whole i.e. the generalities, modalities, concomitant and mental symptoms are considered for selection of the drug in addition to the identification of the exact miasm. The anti-miasmatic drug annihilates the ontologically named allergic rhinitis.                                                                           The so called allergic rhinitis individuals of psoric origin or hypersensitive to all odours, nasal troubles are aggravated in cold, in morning, during sleep, and ameliorated by warmth. The same nasal complaints of sycotic people are aggravated by damp cold and change of weather, and ameliorated by the onset of abnormal discharges from any orifice of the body. The allergic rhinitis of syphilitic individuals suffer more in the night time, aggravated by the warmth of the bed, ulceration of the nasal mucosa is very frequent and prominent. While the pseudo-psoric people feel discomfort in closed room better in open air, alternate blocking of the nostrils. The nasal troubles of tubercular individuals are not treated with appropriate anti-miasmatic drugs  means the nasal discharges  very easily descend into the lower respiratory tract and prone to develop any obstructive pulmonary disease, comparatively with other miasms the chances are more in this miasm.  

Etilogy of symptoms of certain drugs

1.                           The symptoms of Rhus tox, Dulcamara, and Nat sulph are brought on due to exposed to damp cold weather .
2.                           Bad effects of coffee, toabacco, alcohol and over eatig can be checked with anti-crud and nux vomica.
3.                           The rheumatic and gouty symptoms are due to suddenly cheked diarrhoea – abrotanum.       
4.                           Disappearance of neuralgia and appearance of mania is seen in – actea racemosa.      
5.                           Bad effects of drinking and debauch - lobelia, nux.vom. and ranunculus.
6.                           All troubles are ameliorated by the onset of menstruation – Lachesis and zincum met.         
7.                           Fear causes all troubles – aconite, gelsemium  and hyoscyamus and opium.
8.                           Ailments from long lasting grief – aurum met., acid.phos., ignatia, lachesis.
9.                           All troubles started at climacteric period – lachesis, sangunaria, sulphur.  
10.                      Troubles after eating fruits –china, pulsatilla.

                        Like this we can interpret the symptoms of many drugs. In other school, the role of aetiology is limited to some extent but the aetiology is more important in homoeopathy both in therapeutic and nosological point of view.

GENES AND MIASMS-Published in VITAL INFORMER New Delhi in the month of 9th Sep2012 in 15th page

                          GENES AND MIASMS                               

Dr.M.Ramakrishna M.D.                                                                 
Devs Homoeopathic Medical College                                   Shashank Residence          Ankireddypally-501 30                                                                     Flat No. 102                            D.No.1-1- 265/2/102
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Published in VITAL INFORMER New Delhi in the month of 9th Sep2012 in 15th page.

                  The new life starts with the union of ovum with spermatozoa.
The ovum has two X chromosomes; the spermatozoa could have either an X or Y chromosome. If a spermatozoa with Y chromosome
fertilises the ovum the chromosomal combination for the baby XY the offspring is a male child. If X spermatozoa fertilises the ovum the result is XX a female child.
             The chromosomes have number of genes and these are held responsible for the transmission of hereditary qualities, resemblances and other diseases like cancer, diabetes, rheumatism etc from the parents to the children. The human cells have lakhs and
lakhs of genes among them only 2000 genes are known. Some genes are active and able to transmit the qualities from the parents to the children. Some genes are inactive and dormantly exists, these are called as recessive genes do not transmit anything to the next generation.
                  In some individuals during the process of cell division another Y chromosome release i.e. XYY chromosomes, these individuals have 47 chromosomes instead of 46.The physical
appearance of these people is normal like XY chromosomal individuals but their thinking, emotion and behaviour pattern is grossly altered.Terrorists,rapists and hard core criminals born with these chromosomal combinations. How and why the extra chromosome is releasing in these individuals is in vain to the present
day genetic scientists. Even without the aid of sophisticated electronic brain mapping tools the medical scientist of yesteryear Dr.SamuelHahnemann postulated with a great insight that the diseases transmitting from parents to the next generation is due to an invisible dynamic factor i.e. an inherited weakness a stigma exists in the constitution, like layers of an onion analogous to the chromosomes. He named these factors as miasms and said that these were three principle miasms Psora or itch miasm i.e. psoric miasm originate due to suppression of itch; the sycotic miasm comes
from suppression of gonorrhoeal discharge while syphilitic miasm comes from suppression of syphilitic ulcers. The suppressed disease process inroad deep in to the constitution and affecting the human vital organs and complicating and transmitting to the subsequent generation to the physical and mental plane. The psoric miasm on its
own produces functional changes in the body. Over growth of tissues
and organs are due to sycotic miasm, destructions of organs are due
to  Syphilitic miasm. Of late many complicated diseases are being
suppressed by means of surgery or with strong powerful drugs with
new chemical compositions, to overcome the bad effects of this
process, new nosodes are coming in to homoeopathic practice along
with the constitutional drugs.
       The behaviour patterns of these miasmatic individuals are quite different, the psoric individual has evil thinking and is always at a mental level and will not come in to an act. Generally when the thought could lead to an antisocial act, inhibitory impulses ensue that it is aborted by the cortex, this phenomena occurs in psoric mental condition only. Where as in prominent sycotic and syphilitic miasmatic minded peple, the inhibitory action of the cortex is not properly develop. Hence the antisocial aliments like rapists, sadists and hard core criminals will born with these miasmatic combinations. The views of Dr.Hahnemann come to light affectively even in this genome era and can be proved to be very scientific. The abnormal combinations of XYY chromosomes in anti social ailments are due to sycotic and syphilitic miasmatic combinations. He bestowed clemency to these people by inventing anti miasmatic drugs and corresponding nosodes to get out of this blemish.